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BECA History


2008 – We had 114 kids registered in the BECA program

2009 – We had 95 kids registered, 18 write-ins, and Horacio was to deliver becas to 41 other kids in Cucapah, and elsewhere.  Total of 154 students received BECA.

2010 – We had 128 kids registered with 65 write-ins. There were 106 middle school, 62 high school, and 25 college for a total of 193 students receiving BECA.

2011 – We had 190 kids registered plus 35 from Cucapah for a total of 226 BECA.

2012 – We distributed 42 College, 72 High, and 113 Middle school for a total of 227 BECAS.

2013 – We awarded 40 College, 76 High and 104 Middle school becas for a total of 220 BECAS.

2014 – Totals for this year were  46 College, 67 High, and 114 Middle school for a total of 227 BECAS. 

2015 – There were 39 College, 84 High, and 104 Middle school for a total of 227 BECAS. 

2016 – We had 54 College, 92 High, and 100 Middle school for a total of 246 BECAS.

2017 - Biggest year so far we had 58 College, 80 High, and 129 Middle school totaling 267 BECAS.


Through the years
Sponsor a Child

To sponsor a student, either send a check payable to Comunidad:

720 Elsie Mae Dr

Boulder Creek, CA 95006

Secondario - Middle School $90

Preparatorio - High School $120

University $150


BECA Health Fair


Our annual fund raiser for BECA Scholarships is underway. This program has expanded greatly in the past ten years. In 2017 we awarded nearly $23,000 to Middle & High School Students as well as many attending the University. Contact Teresa Todd at  to donate or for more information.


September 3-6 2021



Ensenada, Mexico

Dental Clinics


We will have three dental clinics this year. Ensenada April and October, plus one in Cucupah in May. We always need dental professionals and volunteers.

Contact Bill Rush or 408.499.5088 for more information or to attend.


April, October, & May



Contact for details

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